In life and in business, many activities start for one reason and continue for another. When clients choose Manta Ray Consulting, that's certainly the case.

In the beginning, most clients hire us because of contracts and audits. In other words, they are contractually required to apply earned value management systems to their defense, energy or large construction projects and they don't have the talent in-house. Or, they hire us because they need an EVMS expert to help them prepare for an audit.

Years and years later, most clients are still with us. Sure — they still have contracts and audits but that's not why they stay. They stay because they appreciate the quality, customized experience and the indisputable results that MRC consistently delivers. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not view EVMS as a production line; we are not plagued by layers of management and overhead; and we do not consult with a certain level of disconnect.


If this sounds a little different than your usual project controls experience, here are a few more distinctions you might find interesting:

MRC owners Jeff and Manny are working project consultants. They are in the field with firsthand knowledge of what it takes to be successful.

Every consultant on our team is highly skilled with proven EVM capabilities. In every circumstance, we stand behind their consulting services and ensure they are successful and you are successful.

Your business is our business. We promise to dig deep and become intellectually and emotionally vested in your success. We'll be thinkers, doers and front-runners – all on your behalf.

In addition to applying EVM cost, scheduling and control disciplines, we provide the added value of bringing you proprietary programming tools customized to your specifications to help add efficiency and accuracy to your processes.


Quality outcomes begin with quality partners, processes and relationships. And those are exactly the differences you can expect from Manta Ray Consulting. Would you like to get acquainted with our team?