Want a plan that works? Project Baseline helps you develop a relevant, step-by-step schedule.

Does your project schedule accurately reflect how work will be completed?

Does the schedule enable vertical and horizontal schedule traceability?

How are supplier commitments and deliverables tracked?

Does the budget baseline reflect a reasonable schedule plan?

Does the budget baseline fit within funding constraints?

Designed to help projects in the start-up phase with established EVM processes, MRC's Project Baseline will help you answer these questions and more, by quickly creating a quality, schedule-driven performance measurement.

The result? We'll help you avoid common oversights and develop a useful, relevant schedule that your entire project team will feel comfortable owning and using.

MRC's Project Baseline helps you:

  • Avoid common scheduling mistakes and pitfalls.

  • Ensure a practical, realistic approach.

  • Achieve compliance standards.

  • Secure team buy-in and belief in the project control system.

  • Move your projects forward in the most effective ways possible.

  • Save time and money.

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