Project straying off course? Get back on track with MRC.

Is your project losing money?

Are you missing important deadlines?

Is the existing project management control system inadequate?

MRC's Project Recovery will get your project back on track quickly and efficiently. We'll help you determine what's working and what's not by leaving no stone unturned. We'll review schedules, cost data, the project team, software configuration, processes and procedures.

Most importantly, we'll chart the fastest course to recovery, to minimize lost time and maximize results.

MRC's Project Recovery helps you:

  • Review processes and procedures.

  • Examine software use.

  • Assess team's skills.

  • Evaluate schedules and costs.

  • Assess why the project is failing.

  • Develop a plan to right the ship.

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Tool Implementation

Project Baseline

Hammer Implementation

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Custom Reporting

Project Review Preparation