There are many types of people in this world. Some are intellectuals – developing cutting-edge theories and concepts. Others are masters of implementation – with an innate knack for getting things done. At Manta Ray Consulting, we strive to be front-runners, offering you the best of both skill sets.

Why should you want a front-runner working on your defense, energy or construction projects? Because front-runners are "get it done" people with "do it right" ideas. Sure, we know how to implement, but we also know better than to accept the status quo. We'll ask questions, collaborate, think and inspire innovation in your workplace. We'll help you be better than you are today (even if you're already pretty great). We'll outfit your team with efficient, sustainable practices and we'll help you deploy technical tools to ensure the timely, quality completion of projects. You can count on us to think hard and work hard – and we'll demand the same of you.

What's in it for you? A sharper competitive edge.
It's hard not to take the lead when you have front-runners working on your team. Get to know a few of our EVMS project consultants by clicking the links below.




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