Most companies perform as well as they know how. But as you know, knowledge is often limited and important decisions are often assumption-based. The core purpose of earned value management is to change the knowledge paradigm. When you know more, you make better decisions and you positively impact the bottom line.

At MRC, our goal is to help you attain and apply the power of knowledge to your largest, most complex projects by using schedule-driven earned value management systems (EVMS). At MRC, we don't practice EVM simply for the sake of regulatory compliance (although that's a nice secondary benefit). We practice Earned Value Management to drive better results. Energy, defense and large construction clients rely on us to bring them practical project management solutions and industry expertise to solve their most difficult EVMS challenges in large million and billion dollar projects.

We'll help you get below the surface to understand what's really going on so you can know more and achieve more – on time and on budget.

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Manta Ray Consulting is a specialized Earned Value Management firm that provides quality, customized EVM project management services for energy, defense and large construction clients including clean energy companies, green energy companies and renewable energy projects.

Learn more about how we help energy, defense and large construction clients achieve more with quality, schedule-driven EVM solutions.